My body, my knowledge, my journey

Anthropology was my passion in college. I'm beginning to think my future might be 'catching' babies (as a midwife, that is). I prefer to know all the ingredients in my shampoo bottle without consulting a chemistry book. I enjoy politics- as much as one can when dealing with nutcases with agendas. I'm curious about my body, and it's functions and potential. I firmly believe everyone has an incredible, inquisitive mind to either uplift the world or add to its destruction. It's true, I love random facts...but what I really love is sharing them :) I'm sure many of my ramblings will be purely speculation, opinion, or hearsay, but I'll do my best to provide credible sources so you can learn with me! Oh, and I'm an American living in the Caribbean and working as a nanny for an English family. Before heading back to school when my contract ends, I hope to spend a few months exploring the world. So that's my future- travel and babies. Enjoy